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Now What - Life in New York After Race to the Top Recommendations and Whitepaper and SS Case Study

SCDN Update November 2013

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2015-16 S/CDN Meeting Dates
September 10 & 11, 2015
December 3 & 4, 2015
March 3 & 4, 2016
June 9 & 10, 2016

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June 2015

Meeting Agenda

June 4th meeting evaluation

June 5th meeting evaluation

Collaborative Teacher Use of Data in a Professional Learning Community - Dr. Peter Noonan


NYKids: Tools for Building School Teams’ Capacity for Data-Guided Decision Making - Janet Angelis, Director, NYKids, University at Albany School of Education; and Nancy Andress, CASDA Faculty

Experiences with the Tripod Survey - Dr. Lynn Macan

NYS Social Studies Update - Patricia Polan, NYSED

Communities of Practice for A1, G from M2 and Formative Assessment video - Michelle Ryan, Lorena Stabins - Monroe #1 BOCES

Supporting the Development of Meaningful SLOs - Courtney Jablonski, Project Coordinator, Office of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness; and Jasmine Fryer, Education Specialist




March 2015


Inquiry - A Framework for Learning -Pam Berger

Content Literacy:Social Studies - Amy Rudat & Kristen Sikora

Content Literacy: Writing in Social Studies - Nick Stamoulacatos, Margaret Wilson

Building the Toolkit - Dr. S.G. Grant

Informed Action and Update on SS Regents - Patricia Polan

DS Report - Bill Hecht

Update Part 154 Changes - Annalisa Allegro

Implementation of Amended CR Part 154 presentation
Title III
RBE-RN Directory
CR Part 154 Partial Summary
CR Part 154 Acronyms & Definitions
ESOL Certification Requirements
Supplementary Certification

Dealing with Impacts of the Part 154 Changes - Group work

Example of BOCES Coser Service re ENLs - Mary Stephens

NYSED Updates- Beth Berlin, Acting Commissioner

Curriculum Updates & Science Update - Mary Cahill, Will Jaacks

Update - School Counselihg Programs , NYSED Part 100 Regs and ASCA Executive Summary - Gloria Jean, NYS Counselors Association and Renee Rider, NYSED

Update on ESEA Waiver - Ira Schwartz

Smart School Bond Act & Educational Technology Updates - Kathleen Moorhead, Chuck Szuberla


December 2014


Update on the NYS Diploma Requirements - Marybeth Casey

Pathways Details - Eric Suhr

International Baccalaureate as a Pathway - Dr. Barbara Surash

College in the High School and Concurrent Enrollment Information - Victoria Zeppelin

Multiple Pathways and Unifying CTE - Doug Leavens

District Superintendent's Report - Bill Speck Career & Technical Education & NYS Regents Examinations and Recommended Changes to the Current CTE Approval Process and CTE Regents Exams Report

December 3rd feedback form

New York State K-12 Social Studies Update - Patricia Polan

December 4th feedback form


September 2014


Thinking About History Framework Guide Gettysburg Reactions H(ac) and H(ev) Jenny Fanelli

NYS K-12 Social Studies Update Dr John King, Greg Ahlquist, Patricia Polan

Wither Social Studies No More S.G. Grant

NYS Assessment Updates and Processes for New Social Studies Regents Exams Candace Shyer

Updates from the Office of Teacher & Leader Effectiveness , Resources , Overview of the Toolkit , APPR Misconceptions Table - Dr. Julia Rafal-Baer, Alex Trikalinos, Courtney Jablonski

Impact of Changes to NYSED Part 154 of Commissioner Regulations and Proposed Changes to Part 154 Annalisa Allegro

New Member Orientation/Lunch notes

June 2014


Today's Meet backchannel

Digital Learning Strategies - Live Binder - Michael Fisher

Now What? Life in New York after Race to the Top - Recommendations and Whitepaper and presentation - Kerrie Johnston

BYOD and successful 1:1 Implementation presentation

Rethinking AUPs to Enable Digital Learning:

K-12 Horizon Report Preview 2014:

BYOD Success Stories:

Bring Your Own Device Informational Brief

Free Resources for New York Students and Staff - Yonkers Public Schools

Introducing the Book video - Paige Jaeger

Pathways to Graduation - Ken Slentz

PARCC update - Jennifer Sattern

Office of Educational Design and Technology - Carlos Ramirez

Blueprint for ELL Success - Angelica Infante-Green


March 2014

Meeting Agenda

Conversation with the Commissioner - John King

The Challenges and Opportunities of the Common Core State Standards and oresenter bio - Willard R. Daggett

Common Formative Interim Assessment - Diane Lang

Mining Accountability Data and Data Questions handout - Deb Duffy

Looking At Student Work - Liane Benedict

Common Core Regents Exam Reporting Scale and Performance Levels - Ken Wagner

Data Systems Educational Technology Updates - Kathleen Moorhead & Carlos Ramirez


December 2013

Meeting Agenda

PARCC - An Educators Assessment- Tim Clarke, Theresa Grey, Laurie Hedges, Lynn Wells (Educator Leader Cadre - SCDN)

Regional DDI Project Update- Dawn Shannon

Repackaging Research for the Common Core - Paige Jaeger

Lessons Learned from Regional Regents Scoring - Marla Iverson & Tim Clarke

Assessments of College & Career Readiness: CWRA and the NTN College Readiness Assessment - Laura Lehtonen & Dan Lieber

SES & 3-8 Assessment Results - Marijo Pearson

Trends in CTE Assessment - Jay DeTraiglia

New Certification Tests & Other News from Office of Higher Education - Stephanie Wood Garnett & Jennifer Case

District Superintendents Report - James Baldwin & James Dexter

The New Common Core Regents Examinations in ELA and Algebra 1 - Dr. Rosemarie Neinegg, Loida Lewinter and Candace Shyer

Metrics Project Update - Lynne Wells

Performance Levels on the Common Core Regents Exams - Ken Wagner

NYSAA: What Has Changed and What Hasn't - presentation, 3rd grade ELA AGLIs, 3rd grade ELA extension, - Mickey Edwards & Kerrie Johnston

Social Studies Framework, NGS Standards & Other Curriculum News - Mary Cahill

Accountability News - Ira Schwartz

NT Leaders Report - Jeff Craig

September 2013

Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Introductions - Jeff Craig, SCDN Chair & Asst. Superintendent, Onondaga-Cortland-Madison BOCES

English Language Learners in the Common Core - Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld, Molloy College
Handout Part 1
Handout Part 2
Application for English Language Learners
Application to Students with Disabilities
Common Core ELA Standards Based Co-planning Template
Strategies for Diverse Learners
The Defining Features of Academic Language
English Language Learners in the Common Core presentation

English Language Learners- Manya C. Bouteneff, Ed.D. Hudson Valley RBE-RN

Strategies for Success for English Language Learners presentation - click on SCDN tab for additional resources

Universal Design for Learning - Kathy Gomes, Coordinator, Capital District/North Country RSE TASC
Universal Design for Learning Primer
UDL Article
UDL Guidelines
Differentiated Instruction & Implications for UDL Implementation

ELA Modules with Explicit & Specially Designed Instruction - Lori Ostrander & Kimberly Matthews, DCMO BOCES

Supporting Parents through the Change - Ken Slentz, Deputy Commissioner, NYSED

EngageNY Portal - Amrit Singh, Fellow for Technology & Systems Implementation

Setting Performance Standards on NY Common Core Assessments Grades 3-8 - Kristen Huff, Fellow, Regents Research Fund

Understanding Student Growth Measures - Amy McIntosh, Fellow Regents Research Fund

May 2013

Meeting Agenda

Why the Principal is So Important - Michael Keany, Keany Associates, Inc.

Evaluation Through the Lens of the ISLLC Standards - Michael Keany

School Leadership 2.0 PLC - Principal Evaluation PLC

Signature Practices presentation - Joanne Picone-Zocchia, Learner-Centered Initiatives

Finding the ISSLC Standards in Principals’ Signature Practices Joanne Picone-Zocchia

The MPPR in Action presentation Joanne Picone-Zocchia

MPPR Principal Performance Rubric

MLPR Leadership Performance Rubric (for school leaders including Assistant Principals, Vice Principals, Directors, Department Chairs, etc.)

Multidimensional Superintendent Performance Rubric (MSPR)

The MPPR in Action Joanne Picone-Zocchia

Sharing Principal Evaluator Training Practices - Jeff Craig, OCM BOCES

Contextualized Goal Setting - Dawn Shannon, Broome-Tioga BOCES

Graduating Students College & Career Ready: What’s Next - Ken Wagner, Associate Commissioner, NYSED

Updates on NYSED Assessments - Steven Katz, NYSED

Updates from the Curriculum Office - Mary Cahill, Erik Sweet, Will Jaacks, Patricia Polan, NYSED

Assessment Liaisons 2.0 flyer

Day 1 Evaluation

Day 2 Evaluation

March 2013

Meeting Agenda

PARCC Files in table below

Analyzing An Argument Tristate Rubric Trainer Notes

Fill It Up Please

Alg 1 Evidence Table Section I PARCC Update
Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind Instructional Strategies for Mult CCSS SWD ELC Presentation Alg 2 Evidence Table Section II Assessment
Evidence Table PPT for ELC ELA Evidence Tables Gr 3 Evidence Table Geometry Evidence Table Section III
Evidence Table Trainer Notes Lit & Inf Texts Grade 4 Evidence Table Reading HS Evidence Tables Section IV Curriculum Tools
Inf & Lit Text Trainer Notes SS Feb 2013 Grade 5 Evidence Table Math 1 Evidence Table Section V Diverse Student Populations
Reading the G3 Evid for Math SS Trainer Notes Grade 6 Evidence Table Math 2 Evidence Table Section VI Higher Education
ELA Tristate Rubric

Close Reading & Writing STS Notes

Grade 7 Evidence Table

Math 3 Evidence Table

Section VII Instruction
Revised Tristate Rubric Close Reading & Writing STS Slides Grade 8 Evidence Table Revised Elementary Action Brief What's New in PARCC - Timeline
TriState ELA Feedback Response   Assessment Limits - Evidence Tables Revised Secondary Action Brief Assessment Administration Guidance

Educational Design & Technology Update - Dr. Lawrence Paska, NYSED

Teacher Improvement Through the Lens of NYS Teaching Standards , NYS Teaching Standards, TIP Planning Matrix - Laurie Hedges

Lead Evaluator Training - Jeff Craig

Information on 3-8 Testing - Steve Katz, NYSED

NYSED Test Security Unit and Test Security Incident Form -Tina Sciochetti

Video Project Overview- Lynnette Pannucci , NYSED

December 2012

Meeting Agenda

Supporting College and Career Readiness through Common Core Assessments and PARCC - Dr. Ken Wagner, Associate Commissioner, NYSED

Updates- NYS Assessments and 2013 Testing Times - Candy Shyer, Director of Transition to Common Core Assessments, NYSED

ELA Grades P-2 NTI Overview - Colleen Ferrone, Otsego-Northern Catskill BOCES

ELA Grades 3-5 NTI Overview - Theresa Gray, Erie 2 Chatauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES

ELA Grades 6-12 NTI Overview - Dana Fulmer, Ulster BOCES & Pat Krizan, Rockland BOCES

Math Grades P-5 NTI Overview - Mickey Edwards, Orleans-Niagara BOCES & Sarah Indermill, Herkimer-Fulton, Hamilton, Otsego BOCES

Math Grades 6-12 NTI Overview - Jennifer French, St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES

Update on Surveys - Peg Brady, Project Coordinator Race to the Top

Technology Readiness Took & CBT Guidelines - Dr. Larry Paska, Coordinator, NYSED

Update on Social Studies & Science - Mary Cahill, Will Jaacks, Casey Jacobowski, NYSED

Evening Session with Dr. Albert "Duffy" Miller

Day 1 Evaluation

Day 2 Evaluation

September 2012

Meeting Agenda

Educational Design and Technology Updates - Dr. Lawrence Paska

P-2 ELA Curriculum Models - Colleen Ferrone
Understanding the Common Core Shifts and the K-2 New York Language Arts Program by Core Knowledge

3-5 ELA Curriculum Models - Dana Fulhmer, Dr. Charlene Jordan, Pat Krisan
Expeditionary Learning & Common Core Standards - Grades 3-5 ELA Modules

Text Selection Guidelines Chart Grades 3-8

"I Can" ELA Statements by Grade - Common Core Learning Targets

Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Educational Technology - Dr. Ken Wagner, Mary Cahill, Kate Gerson
Educational Data Portal Implementation Update
Common Core Implementation Update
Sample Grades 6-12 Units

RTTT Planning Guide for Districts - OCM BOCES
RTTT Roadmap
RTTT Two Year Plan Example

Assessment Liaisons 2.0 Survey

Mapping Out the Principal's Year - OCM BOCES (Jeff Craig)

Day 1 Evaluation

Day 2 Evaluation

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